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Invoice for Budget rental car eToll program. Includes tolls for multiple stations.

The Budget rental car eToll program is an optional service offered by Budget Rent a Car to its customers. It allows renters to use electronic toll lanes on highways without having to stop and pay cash at the toll booth. Instead, toll charges are automatically billed to the renter's credit card on file with Budget.

Here's how the Budget eToll program works:

  1. When a renter signs up for the eToll program, they are given a small electronic device called a toll pass that is placed on the windshield of the rental car.
  2. As the renter passes through a toll lane on a participating toll road, the device will automatically communicate with the toll booth and record the toll charge.
  3. The toll charges are billed to the renter's credit card on file with Budget, along with a daily convenience fee for each day the device is used, even if no tolls are incurred. This fee varies by location but is typically around $3.95 per day.
  4. At the end of the rental period, the renter is billed for all tolls incurred during the rental period, as well as any applicable convenience fees.

It's important to note that while the eToll program can be convenient for renters who frequently use toll roads, it may not be cost-effective for all renters. Renters who do not anticipate using toll roads may be better off paying tolls in cash or using alternative routes to avoid tolls. Additionally, some toll roads may have higher toll rates for drivers using the eToll program, so it's important to check the toll rates before using the program.