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Create a Carmax appraisal report by customizing vehicle and price details. Download to your computer or print to your printer.

Why make a Carmax Appraisal Report using our easy-to-edit template?

A Carmax appraisal report can be valuable in various ways, even if you ultimately decide not to sell your car to Carmax. Here are some clever uses for a Carmax appraisal report:

  • Negotiation Tool: If you're planning to trade in your car at a dealership, having a Carmax appraisal report can give you a solid baseline value to negotiate. It's a concrete reference point to ensure you're getting a fair offer from the dealership.
  • Private Sale Price Determination: If you're planning to sell your car privately, a Carmax appraisal report can help you determine a reasonable asking price. Since Carmax's appraisals are generally competitive, you can use their appraisal as a starting point and adjust your price based on market demand, unique features, or upgrades.
  • Insurance Claims: In case of an accident or theft, having a recent Carmax appraisal report can help support your claim for the vehicle's value. The appraisal provides documentation of the vehicle's condition, mileage, and overall value before the incident.
  • Loan Refinancing: If you're considering refinancing your auto loan, a Carmax appraisal report can help establish the current value of your car. Lenders may require an appraisal to determine the loan-to-value ratio, and having a recent appraisal can streamline the process.
  • Personal Finance Planning: Knowing the value of your car is useful for overall personal finance planning. It helps you determine your net worth, plan for future car purchases, or assess the feasibility of upgrading your vehicle.
  • Tax Purposes: If you're donating your car to charity, having a Carmax appraisal report can help establish the fair market value for tax deduction purposes. The IRS may require documentation to support your claimed deduction, and the appraisal report can serve as proof of your car's value.

A Carmax appraisal report can be a valuable resource in various situations, such as negotiating trade-ins, determining private sale prices, supporting insurance claims, refinancing loans, personal finance planning, and tax deductions.