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Create a Simple credit card tip receipt with our receipt generator. Select the Simple credit card template from the template library. Edit and customize the receipt. Instantly save and download your customized receipt.

Edit the receipt fields: Card number, Type of Card, Sale Date / Time, Business Location, Business Phone, Total Amount. Also includes signature line for customer signature. Be sure to change the name under the signature line to the customer name.  

Also includes customizable fields for Approval Number, Recrod #, Clerk ID, Cust Code, Invoice #. Can modify the receipt terms and conditions at the bottom too.

What are the reasons you might need a receipt like this Simple credit card receipt with tip template? 

• To prove that you paid for a purchase

• To document the purchase for tax purposes

• To prove that you returned an item for a refund

• To provide proof of warranty for an item

• To provide proof of purchase for a warranty claim

• To get maximum resale value on secondary marketplaces or consignment shops (for clothing, shoes, and other retail store purchases)