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DJI invoice for purchase of DJI products, particularly drones, camera equipment and related accessories. It serves as an official record of the purchase, providing details necessary for warranties, returns, or company records.

Why Do People Need an Invoice from DJI?

People require an invoice from DJI for several reasons:

  1. Warranty Claims: An invoice is necessary to validate the warranty period for DJI products.
  2. Business Records: For businesses using DJI drones for operations, invoices are crucial for financial and inventory management.
  3. Tax Purposes: Invoices are essential for tax reporting and compliance, especially for businesses that can claim tax deductions on equipment purchases.

What Products Does DJI Sell?

DJI primarily sells:

  • Consumer Drones: Like the DJI Mavic and Phantom series.
  • Professional Drones: Used in filmmaking, agriculture, conservation, and other industries.
  • Camera Gimbals and Accessories: Enhancing videography and photography capabilities.
  • Enterprise Solutions: Drones designed for industrial applications.

What is Typically Shown on a DJI Invoice?

A typical DJI invoice includes:

  • Date of Purchase: The transaction date.
  • Invoice Number: A unique identifier for the invoice.
  • Customer Details: Information such as the customer's name and address.
  • Product Details: Description of each item purchased, including model, quantity, and price.
  • Subtotal: Total price before taxes and additional fees.
  • Taxes and Fees: Detailed taxes applicable based on the customer's location.
  • Total Amount Due: The total cost including taxes and any other fees.
  • Payment Information: Details of how the payment was made (credit card, PayPal, etc.).

Where Does DJI Do Business?

DJI operates globally, with its products available in:

  • Direct Retail: DJI flagship stores and official website.
  • Authorized Retailers: Including electronics stores and specialty shops.
  • Online Marketplaces: Such as Amazon and eBay.

How Can Someone Get a Duplicate Receipt from DJI?

To obtain a duplicate receipt or invoice from DJI:

  1. Online Purchases: Access your DJI account online and look up your order history to find and print past invoices.
  2. In-Store Purchases: If the purchase was made in a DJI store, returning to the store with transaction details such as the date and payment mode can help in retrieving a duplicate receipt.
  3. Customer Support: Contacting DJI customer support through their official website or helpline can also assist in obtaining a duplicate invoice, especially if other methods are unfeasible.


Maintaining records of DJI invoices is essential for product management, especially for warranty and tax purposes. DJI provides accessible means for customers to retrieve and manage their purchase documents, ensuring transparency and support in all transactions.