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Fedex Office invoice for business services and products. Customize with your own information and save, download and print.


FedEx Office provides a wide range of products and services aimed at both businesses and individuals. Some of these services include:

Professional Printing Services: This includes business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, banners, and more.

Shipping Services: FedEx Office offers domestic and international shipping options.

Packing Services: Professionals can pack and secure your shipments.

Computer Rental: Access to a computer, the internet, and a variety of office software.

Direct Mail Services: This service can help businesses reach their target audiences with customized messages.

Signs and Graphics: These services include custom signs, banners, decals, and more.

FedEx Office typically caters to a broad range of customers. Individuals often use FedEx Office for printing personal projects or shipping personal items. Small businesses might utilize their printing services for promotional materials or direct mail services for marketing campaigns. Larger businesses and corporations might use FedEx Office for their bulk printing and shipping needs, or even office space and equipment rental.

FedEx Offices are located across the United States and in some international locations. They can often be found in urban centers, shopping malls, within certain business complexes, and sometimes stand-alone locations. To find a FedEx Office location near you, you can use the FedEx Office Store Locator.

To learn more about FedEx Office and their offerings, you can visit their website at FedEx Office.