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GED template - easy to edit. From GED Testing Service. AKA - High School Equivalency Exam Certificate, GED, HSE, High School Diplomas.

You can create professional-looking transcripts by inputting academic information, including course titles, score, and percentile rank. This tool generated transcripts that can be downloaded for printing or digital sharing.   

When Do You Need a GED Transcript?

A GED transcript is typically needed when an individual who did not complete high school wants to continue their education or apply for a job that requires a high school diploma.

For example, if someone wants to apply for college, they may need to provide a GED transcript as proof of their high school equivalency. Similarly, some employers require a high school diploma or equivalent for certain positions, and a GED transcript can serve as evidence of an individual's education level.

In addition, a GED transcript may be required for other purposes such as applying for financial aid, joining the military, or obtaining a professional license or certification.