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Sprint Communications is a telecommunications company that provides cellular service, as well as other wireless and wireline communication services. The company was founded in 1899 and is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas.

Sprint was acquired by T-Mobile in 2020, and the company now operates as a subsidiary of T-Mobile US. As of 2021, the Sprint brand has been discontinued, and customers are now served under the T-Mobile brand.

A typical cellular phone bill contains several pieces of information, including:

  • Account information: This includes your account number, billing period, and the date your bill is due.
  • Usage information: This includes the number of minutes, messages, and data used during the billing period.
  • Charges: This includes the charges for your cellular service, as well as any additional charges such as taxes, fees, or charges for additional services.
  • Payments and credits: This section shows any payments you made during the billing period, as well as any credits or adjustments to your account.
  • Account summary: This section provides an overview of your account, including your current balance and any past due amounts.
  • Service plan details: This section provides information about your cellular service plan, including the features included and any additional charges for exceeding usage limits.
  • Contact information: Your cellular phone bill will also include contact information for your service provider, in case you have any questions or need to contact them regarding your account.