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Create custom UHaul invoice identical to original. Trailer hitch install receipt from U-Haul. Can be modified for any other products or services sold by U-Haul.

U-Haul is a well-known provider of moving and storage solutions. They offer a wide range of products and services to assist individuals and businesses with their relocation needs. Here are some of the products and services provided by U-Haul:

1. Truck Rentals: U-Haul offers a fleet of trucks of various sizes that can be rented for local or one-way moves. They provide options suitable for personal use, as well as larger trucks for commercial purposes. Typically, the invoice from Uhaul for vehicle rentals looks different than this one provided and includes receipt details such as: Pick-up time, Drop off time, vehicle info, license plate info and rental rate and fuel levels. View our other Uhaul invoice templates to locate the proper one you need.

2. Trailer Rentals: U-Haul offers a variety of trailers, including cargo trailers, utility trailers, and car trailers, which can be rented for transporting goods or vehicles.

3. Moving Boxes and Supplies: U-Haul sells a comprehensive range of moving boxes, packing materials, and moving supplies such as tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, mattress bags, and furniture covers. This invoice template is perfect for these supplies from UHaul.

4. Moving Labor Services: U-Haul provides access to a marketplace where customers can hire moving help, such as professional movers to assist with loading and unloading their rental trucks or containers.

5. U-Box Containers: U-Haul offers U-Box containers, which are portable storage containers that can be delivered to your location, allowing you to pack and store your belongings for short-term or long-term periods. Edit this invoice template for container expenses you might need to document.

6. Storage Solutions: U-Haul operates self-storage facilities across various locations, providing customers with secure storage units in various sizes for their belongings.

7. Trailer Hitch Installation: U-Haul offers professional installation of trailer hitches on vehicles, enabling customers to tow trailers or other equipment. This specific U-Haul invoice is for a trailer hitch install.

8. U-Haul Cargo Vans: In addition to truck rentals, U-Haul offers cargo van rentals, which can be a convenient option for smaller moves or transportation of smaller items.

9. Moving Equipment: U-Haul provides equipment rentals like furniture dollies, appliance dollies, hand trucks, and furniture pads to assist with the moving process.

These are some of the main products and services offered by U-Haul. It's important to note that the availability of specific services and products may vary by location, so it's recommended to visit the official U-Haul website or contact your nearest U-Haul location for detailed information and to explore the options available to you.