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Exact template for Westin Hotel room and incidentals. Edit this guest folio easily using our powerful document editor.

The Westin Hotel is owned by Marriott International, which is a global hospitality company that owns several other hotel brands such as Sheraton, Ritz-Carlton, W Hotels, St. Regis, and many others.

As for the common items that might be billed for on a hotel guest folio, it depends on the specific hotel and the services it offers. However, here are some typical charges that might appear on a hotel guest folio:

  • Room rate: This is the charge for the room itself.
  • Taxes and fees: Hotels are required to collect various taxes and fees, such as occupancy tax and resort fee.
  • Food and beverage: If the guest orders room service, eats at the hotel restaurant, or buys snacks and drinks from the minibar, these charges will appear on the folio.
  • Phone and internet: If the guest makes phone calls or uses the hotel's internet service, these charges will appear on the folio.
  • Parking: If the guest parks a car at the hotel, there may be a charge for parking.
  • Spa and wellness services: If the hotel has a spa or wellness center, charges for massages, facials, and other treatments may appear on the folio.
  • Business services: If the guest uses the hotel's business center, there may be charges for printing, faxing, and other services.

These are just a few examples, but there can be many other charges depending on the specific hotel and the guest's preferences and usage.