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There are several reasons why people use Zoom video chat:

  • Remote work: Zoom allows people to work remotely and stay connected with their team members, clients, and customers from anywhere in the world.
  • Education: Zoom is also used by schools and universities for remote learning, allowing students to attend classes and interact with teachers and classmates from home.
  • Social gatherings: Zoom is a popular platform for virtual parties, family reunions, and other social events that people cannot attend in person.
  • Healthcare: Zoom is also used for telemedicine, allowing doctors and patients to connect remotely and receive medical consultations.

As for the Zoom monthly receipt, it typically includes details about the subscription plan, billing cycle, and the number of licensed users. It may also include charges for add-ons or upgrades to the subscription plan, as well as any applicable taxes or fees. The receipt may also include a breakdown of the usage of each user, such as the number of meetings held and the duration of each meeting.