Lululemon Receipt

April 27, 2023 By staff

Are you looking for an authentic Lululemon receipt for your recent purchase? With the PDF Pro receipt generator, you can easily create a customized receipt for any apparel ordered from Lululemon. Follow these simple steps to create your Lululemon receipt template and avoid the hassle of visiting the store for a duplicate receipt.

It is also worth noting that ExpenseFAST has a Lululemon Receipt Generator for an alternate style of receipt.

How to Create a Lululemon Receipt

Step 1: Access the PDF Pro Receipt Generator – The PDF Pro receipt generator is a web-based tool that allows you to create customized receipts in minutes. To access the tool, visit the PDF Pro website and select the “Templates” option from the “Tools” menu. Once you are on the Receipt Generator page, you will be prompted to choose a template. Select the Lululemon receipt template from the list of available options.

Step 2: Customize the Lululemon Receipt Template – Once you have selected the Lululemon receipt template, you will be taken to the template editor. The template editor allows you to customize all elements on the receipt, including the store ID, date of purchase, register number, transaction number, educator (salesperson ID), item description, quantity, item price, total amount, and taxes. You can edit these fields directly on the screen, and the changes will be reflected in real-time.

Step 3: Download and Save the Lululemon Receipt – After you have customized the Lululemon receipt to match your needs, you can download it in either PNG or JPG format. The downloaded receipt can then be emailed or printed using any printer. And voila! You now have an authentic Lululemon receipt for any purpose you may need.

Identifying a Fake Lululemon Receipt

Lululemon receipts are designed to be difficult to counterfeit, but it is still possible to encounter fake receipts. Here are some tips to help you spot a fake Lululemon receipt:

1. Check the Educator Number

The cashier or educator number should be in the format of XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (14 digits), for example, 99994000067497. These numbers are all numeric and unique to each educator.

2. Look for Model, Colorway, Style, and Size

All Lululemon receipts should list the model, colorway, style, and size of each item purchased. If any of these details are missing or incorrect, the receipt may be fake.

3. Ensure that Taxes are Included

Lululemon does not offer tax-free purchases, so if the receipt does not include tax, it may be fake. Make sure that the receipt lists the correct tax amount for your location.


With the PDF Pro’s receipt generator, creating a customized Lululemon receipt is quick and easy. Simply select the Lululemon receipt template, customize it to match your needs, and download it in PNG or JPG format. Get your Lulu on!